Tuesday, December 12, 2017

The Dutch Police have no manpower to investigate Turkish heroin criminals

The Dutch Police detective department have no capacity to investigate Turkish heroin criminals in the Netherlands.  The priority of the service is fighting mainly synthetic drugs such as cocaine.  This, despite the often violent methods of the heroin criminals, which includes killings – wrong targets, blackmailing, use of heavy weapons and kidnappings. The result is that a huge flood of heroin dominates the Dutch market while the criminals have little to fear.  This information was found in an internal police report of which data was published by the AD Daily.

Monday, December 11, 2017

Attacker of Amsterdam Jewish Restaurant freed after two Days

The Palestinian asylumseeker who attacked a Jewish restaurant last Thursday in Amerdam and destroyed its windows has already been freed. He is not allowed to come within hundred meters of the restaurant and has to collaborate with the rehabilitation services. The man has said that he had no antisemitic intentions.


Sunday, December 10, 2017

D66 Politician links anti-semitic attack to Trump policy

Reinier van Dantzig is the faction leader in the Amsterdam municipal council of the left liberal D66 party – a member of the Dutch government coalition. After the anti-semitic attack by a Palestinian who smashed the door and windows of an Amsterdam Jewish restaurant, van Dantzig tweeted “how awful that this happened. It shows how thoughtless statements by the leader of the free world have direct consequences.  Let us show clearly that there is no room for intolerance in Amsterdam!”

Dutch Jewish lawyer, Herman Loonstein condemned van Dantzig’s statement as “cowardly and obscene” remarking that it was a form of “victim blaming.” 
In the meantime the lawyer of the perpetrator has said that the attack had nothing to do with Trump’s declaration of Jerusalem as capital of Israel.

Thursday, December 7, 2017

Amsterdam: Man with Palestinian flag breaks windows of Jewish restaurant

A man with a club has destroyed the windows of a Jewish restaurant in Amsterdam.  A witness said the man shouted: “Palestine and Allah Akbar” during this act.  He has since been arrested.


Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Rail Infrastructure Company Has to Pay Penalty for Carelessness

The Dutch ProRail infrastructure company has to pay a penalty of 50,000 Euro for leaving trains with chlorine at the Amersfoort station.  The judge said that the company hadn’t met safety regulations.  The prosecution  requested a penalty of 150,000 Euro.  It called the company a “recidivist” of letting dangerous train wagons filled with chlorine stand at night in populated areas without informing the authorities.

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Police union supervising black Pete demonstration had very high costs

For many years the battle about black Pete has been on going in Dutch society.  Around 200 people demonstrated against this folklore figure in the town of Dokkum.  The Chairman of the ACP Police Union, Gerrit van de Kamp estimated the cost of the police presence between 350 000 and 500 000 Euros.  He added that these are hours that cannot be spent on other business. He came under criticism by politicians who said that democratic rights should not be considered as a financial burden, because everyone has the right to demonstrate and be protected.

Monday, December 4, 2017

Groningen: Psychologists Treat Student Movement Members Due to Harassment

Various psychologists have reported treating members of the Vindicat student movement in Groningen.  Extreme initiation rituals have led to students being hospitalized.  One student was brought to court for maltreating another student member.  Until this year new members were also required to sign a contract where they agreed to keep silent.  The university says that it will investigate the issue.